Staje luntana da stu core,

a te volo cu ‘o penziero:

niente voglio e niente spero

ca tenerte sempe a fianco a me!

Si’ sicura ‘e chist’ammore

comm’i’ so’ sicuro ‘e te…

Oje vita, oje vita mia…

oje core ‘e chistu core…

si’ stata ‘o primmo ammore…

e ‘o primmo e ll’ùrdemo sarraje pe’ me!

Quanta notte nun te veco,

nun te sento ‘int’a sti bbracce,

nun te vaso chesta faccia,

nun t’astregno forte ‘mbraccio a me?!

Ma, scetánnome ‘a sti suonne,

mme faje chiagnere pe’ te…

Oje vita….

Scrive sempe e sta’ cuntenta:

io nun penzo che a te sola…

Nu penziero mme cunzola,

ca tu pienze sulamente a me…

'A cchiù bella 'e tutte bbelle,

nun è maje cchiù bella ‘e te!

Oje vita….


You are far away from this heart,

I fly to you in thought:

I hope and want nothing

more than always keeping you by my side!

Are you sure about this love

As I am sure that I love you …

Oh life, oh my life …

Oh heart of this heart …

You were the first love …

and the first and last you will be for me!

How many nights have I not seen you,

not felt you in my arms,

not kissed your face,

not held you tight in my arms?!

But, waking from these dreams,

you make me cry for you …

Oh life, oh my life …

Write ever and be happy:

I can only think of you…

One thought comforts me,

you only think of me …

The most beautiful woman in the world,

is never more beautiful than you!

this film was too much & I want to watch it everyday


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Romance Sentimentale

Eisenstein and Alexandrov




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Kelly #39

Bruno Munari’s “Supplement to the Italian Dictionary” (1963)


Bruno Munari’s “Supplement to the Italian Dictionary” (1963)

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